Our Vision

YourJewish envisions an integrated Twin Cities Jewish community where the trend of Jewish dissociation is reversed and more people see Jewish life as desirable and relevant. It’s time to reinvigorate Jewish life, unlocking the potential Judaism has to give meaning to our lives and make the world a better place.

Our Mission

YourJewish designs and delivers creative Jewish events, meaningful rituals, and immersive experiences that foster Jewish relationships and enrich people’s connection to Judaism. We meet people where they are on their Jewish journey, validating and nurturing the ways each person wants to live their own Jewish life.  

YourJewish believes in a vibrant, integrated, and fully engaged Jewish community in which every Jew feels a strong sense of connectivity to their Jewish identity. When people feel deeply connected to Judaism:

  • their personal lives are enriched;
  • their local Jewish community is strengthened by broader and deeper participation;
  • and, their focus expands to the needs of the world around them.

The more a person feels connected to their Jewish identity, the more likely they are toact on Jewish values, contributing to a better world for all. When people feel a sense of belonging, they feel a greater sense of responsibility to each other and desire to give back to their local community.

Our Values

Operating from a set of core values

Our core values serve as the guiding principles of YourJewish, informing the design of the organization, the programs we develop, and the decisions we make.



Tzedek (TSEH-deck)

Injustice, poverty and inequality exist in every part of the world, including in the Twin Cities. YourJewish recognizes the obligation every one of us has to work toward improving the lives of all.

Global warming threatens our planet, affecting every living thing on earth. We owe it to one another and ourselves to commit to protecting the planet for future generations.  YourJewish accepts the obligation to confront this crisis, urging support for those most affected by damage to the earth caused by humans.



Tikvah (teek-VAH)

It is common to hear Jewish thought leaders express dire concerns about the future of Judaism and Jewish life, but as Golda Meir reminds us, “Pessimism is a luxury that a Jew can never allow himself.” YourJewish believes in the potential for an expanded and increasingly vibrant Jewish world.

YourJewish approaches the challenges facing the Jewish community with an abundant view of the potential for significant cultural shifts.

אֹמֶץ לֵב


Ometz Lev (OH-mets lev)

It is in some ways countercultural for modern, progressive people to explore religion and to proclaim their Jewish identity. YourJewish embraces the courage it takes to cultivate your Jewish identity and assert yourself as a Jew.

It also takes courage to introduce new ways  of thinking about Jewish community. YourJewish is rising to the challenge of a postmodern approach to Jewish engagement.



Chesed (CHEH-sed)

In Psalms 89:3, we learn that the world is built on acts of loving kindness. As such, kindness is a foundational principle of Judaism that guides us to treat all people with dignity and respect. YourJewish is committed to building an organization that is founded on acts of kindness.

Many people in Jewish families have yet to feel accepted by Jewish institutions, thereby stifling the development of their Jewish identity and cutting off connection to the Jewish community. YourJewish expresses kindness by being gentle, affirming, and inclusive of those seeking to engage in Jewish life, regardless of where they are on their Jewish journey.

Contribute to and stay connected with your community.