Life Cycle Rituals

What’s stopping you?

We know there can be many obstacles that prevent people from engaging in Jewish ritual. Busy calendars, complicated logistical challenges, uncertainty about whether one is “Jewish enough,” or not even knowing what questions to ask, are among the challenges we’ve encountered when talking with parents.

YourJewish is here to meet individuals and families where they are. Rituals are personal, intimate, and transformative sacred moments and our approach is to listen to your needs, and help craft the ritual that is right for you.

How do we co-create your ritual?

Identify your vision

Approaching a significant milestone in your life? We help you identify your vision for how you hope to mark the transition. Do you envision a gathering of your larger community or does the occasion call for a more intimate environment? Whether joyous or solemn, we believe that Jewish ritual, co-created with YourJewish can add meaning to people’s lives during these significant moments.

Co-design your ritual

Ritual is most meaningful when it is designed in partnership. We’ll help you consider how different elements of Jewish tradition may add meaning to the moment. We’ll offer guidance based on our experience and knowledge of Jewish text and tradition, but we will take your lead on how the ritual develops based on what is right for you.  

Create a welcoming environment

When the time comes, we’ll make sure you’ve thought about every last detail needed to ensure your ritual is everything you want it to be. Though we can’t predict the weather or control your guests’ behavior, we’ll do everything we can to help you create a warm and inclusive environment.