We'll meet you on your Jewish journey.

YourJewish is a Twin Cities based nonprofit that hosts creative events, meaningful rituals, and immersive experiences that foster Jewish relationships and enrich people’s connection to Judaism.

Perhaps you’re newly relocated to the area, a young parent looking for a community of support, or an empty nester looking to connect with others. You may connect to Judaism culturally, see yourself as a secular Jew, want more Jewish friends, or have no idea where to begin. We’ll meet you wherever you are on your Jewish journey, validating and nurturing the ways you want to live your Jewish life.

Explore our programs and connect with us to learn how YourJewish can support you on your path, wherever it may lead you.

Featured Event

The Empty Nest Hangout

YourJewish Empty Nest is a cohort of Jewish adults whose children are about to, or have already, moved out of the house.

Featured Program

Young Families Chavura

A chavura is a small group of people or families who join together to live Jewishly. Most chavurot are self-run, with no professional staff. YourJewish uses a “co-creation” model to work with interested families to guide them on a path toward developing the community that best fits their needs and desires. The YourJewish Young Families Chavura is for those with younger children (8 and younger) who are looking for the families with whom they can live a Jewish life, celebrating holidays and milestones together. We will meet weekly over the course of 8 weeks in the fall of 2024 to establish relationships and will then transition to once a month gatherings, centered around Shabbat and Holiday celebrations.

Vision, Mission, Values

A vision for the Jewish people

YourJewish envisions an integrated Jewish community where more people see Jewish life as desirable and relevant. We strive to reverse the trend of Jewish dissociation that has increased dramatically over decades. It’s time to reinvigorate Jewish life, unlocking the potential Judaism has to give meaning to our lives and make the world a better place.