Young Families Chavura

A chavura is a small group of people or families who join together to live Jewishly. Most chavurot are self-run, with no professional staff. YourJewish uses a “co-creation” model to work with interested families to guide them on a path toward developing the community that best fits their needs and desires. The YourJewish Young Families Chavura is for those with younger children (8 and younger) who are looking for the families with whom they can live a Jewish life, celebrating holidays and milestones together. We will meet weekly over the course of 8 weeks in the fall of 2024 to establish relationships and will then transition to once a month gatherings, centered around Shabbat and Holiday celebrations.

Why join a chavura?

The primary reason people join a chavura is to develop deep and meaningful relationships with a small group of people.  It is difficult to make true friendships by occasionally attending events, or dropping children off for a kid-only program.  For many people, joining a chavura is the best way to find “your people” to live a Jewish life with as your family grows.

Another reason people join is for the flexibility in scheduling and lower time commitment.

What makes a chavura with YourJewish unique?

Historically, the chavura movement was entirely lay-led, meaning no paid professional staff were involved.  At YourJewish, we embrace a co-creation model where Rabbi Avrin will work together with families to develop the experience they are looking for.  This model relieves the pressure of organizing and facilitating from the members, many of whom are already over-committed. It also professionalizes the experience and enables participants to receive the high-quality programming you may find in a synagogue in a more intimate environment.

I’m really busy. What level of commitment is required?

One benefit of this model is that it is a much lower time commitment than traditional programs.  That said, it takes time up front to establish relationships. For this reason, we begin the year with a more intensive schedule and then transition to monthly gatherings after relationships are formed.  We’ll start with 8 weekly sessions held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and ask participants commit to attending a minimum of 4 sessions.  From there, we will work with the group to schedule the follow up monthly gatherings, primarily centered around Shabbat and Holidays.

Dates for weekly sessions: Oct 19, Oct 27, Nov 2, Nov 10, Nov 16, Nov 24, Dec 7, Dec 15

All sessions meet from 4:00-5:30pm

Is there a cost?

Yes. We operate on a pay what you can model and ask participants to contribute to the professional costs associated with running the chavura.

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